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Muscular begin with the 5'9" Muscular woman next door, Gaye. Read about how she defeats her half-brother and her male friends. Size matters and at just over lbs, Gaye has everything it takes to put a man firmly in this clown anal. Sasha is a powerful, thick-thighed African American beauty.


She shares women experiences defeating an ex-boyfriend and other guys. They find ass quickly that Sasha's experience, training, strength and attitude make her a bit too much to hang with. The average man ends up in her head-scissors and leaves his time with Sasha with a smaller male ego than when he arrived.

At just under lbs, she will be your perfect power-angle!

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May comes next and she is experienced as a session wrestler. While she started off with some confidence, it grew exponentially as she kept taking guys to the ground and keeping them there desi nude couple her many talents.

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Sola has height, muscle, grappling knowledge and the competitive spirit to hand almost any man a demoralizing, painful loss. Sometimes the biggest challenge that this amazon faces is preventing herself for hurting the fellas too much. Sierra and April were featured in one of my other books and readers absolutely adored them and wanted more.