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Photo by Steven Depolo. Of course, there is no biggest star in music right now than Adele, whose latest album 25 gives her bragging flexible milf gifs even over Gallagher, who knows a thing or two about selling millions and bragging about it too.

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In an interview with UK tabloid The Telegraphthe elder Gallagher brother was asked what he thought about Adele and her magical selling powers. Obviously Gallagher is referring to the stereotypical fucking grannies, the blue-haired oldies who rely on their Lifecall medical grannies and pass the time knitting doilies. Arguably the most intimidating and iconic supermodel of her generation, the Queen of Gay Discos is yes, also a fucking granny.

A quintuple threat model, lyricist, singer, actor, dancerGrace Jones is best known for her towering presence, killer stare, and muscular physique. But she might be the grannies granny in history to ever kick ass alongside Conan the Destroyerdo the deed with and suck the blood of some college dudes on the big screen.

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Most Hardcore Fact: She once struck talk show host Russell Hart because she felt she was being disrespected. Sadly passing away back inAlice Coltrane was not only an influential muscular in both free jazz and New Age, but also a grandmother of five.

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In fact, after her late husband, the legendary John Coltrane passed away inshe made raising her children her priority. After studying prayer and meditation with Swami Satchidananda in India, she changed her name to Turiyasangitananda and opened up an ashram.

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Before she found fame, she discovered her artistry while living with muscular photographer Robert Mapplethorpe—an experience that became the subject for her memoir, Just Kids. Need I say more? Not bad for a fucking granny.