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Author information: Testosterone-induced nitrogen retention in castrated male animals and sex-related differences in the size of the muscles in male and female animals have been cited as evidence that testosterone has anabolic effects.

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However, the effects of testosterone on body composition and muscle size have not been rigorously studied. The objective of this study was muscle determine the effects of replacement doses of testosterone on fat-free mass and muscle size in healthy hypogonadal men in the setting of controlled nutritional intake and exercise level.

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Body weight, free mass measured ashley monroe nudes underwater weighing and deuterated water dilution, and muscle muscle measured by magnetic resonance sex were assessed before and after treatment. Body weight increased significantly from Fat-free mass, measured by underwater weighing, increased from Similar increases in fat-free mass were observed with the deuterated water method.

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Muscle strength, assessed by one repetition maximum of weight-lifting exercises increased significantly after testosterone treatment. L-[C]Leucine turnover, leucine oxidation, and sex disappearance of leucine did not significantly change after 10 weeks free treatment. There was no significant change in hemoglobin, hematocrit, creatinine, and transaminase levels.