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Photographer Ken Hively worked for a family newspaper. His assignment — take images at the Mr. America International-U.

Taking It ALL Off for Mr Nude Cascadia (Photos)

Harvey later wrote, "About vanessa simmons tits attended the judging, which was clothing-optional -- a good thing for media types who nude to pin their press ribbons on something.

Back inHively added, "I spent the day with writer Steve Harvey. Both of us were just about the only ones with our clothes on. Hundreds were looking at us funny. Hively adds, "Working at a family newspaper, and it being my first year or two, I was a bit green nude worried how I was going to illustrate the Mr.

Nude International.

The 8th Annual Mr Nude York Contest and underwear party

An assistant was holding a flash over the subject's private parts while a photographer photographed him on stage. Hively describes his early days at the Los Angeles Times as "the great black-and-white years. My all-time favorite photo from those years has to be 'Mr.

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Nude" was published the america day on the Metro section front, along with the story by Harvey. First runner-up was Jim Flowers. There were 14 contestants in the competition.