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Although I object to this word as a misogynistic slur used to oppress me because I choose to do whatever I want with my pussy, I will take back that word to embrace my own unabashed sexuality.


While I think a moms chocolate chip cookie straight from the oven washed down with a cold glass of milk is a somewhat sensual experience, I can assure you — to my son and his friends, it is not.

Everyone has hectic lives. The game has changed, and you need to change yours, too. I love making you feel good physically, I love making you feel good about yourself.

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Blog Tock. When I was pregnant my legs blew up like the Hindenburg.

Love and Sex

And leg curls do not repair connective tissue. Actually you can china chubby naked the Sex We got ourselves a Penthouse centerfold! THANK you! A woman having a legit orgasm is like the price tag on a pair of Gucci stiletto heels. If you have to ask, back your ass out of the store, Bozo.