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By Hanna Flint. The girl credited for the break up of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez says she was 'absolutely shocked' when she found out she was the reason for their split.

Former nursing student Milyn Jensen hooked up with Justin in December last year, after being introduced by his best friend, rapper Lil Twist.

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Speaking to The Sun On Sundaythe year old said: I hate being the girl that broke them up. Milyn english nurse porn fondly known as Mimi by her friends - said Justin whisked her, her best friend and Twist off in his custom-design 4x4 to MacDonald's after meeting a nightclub in Los Angeles on the night of December After a quick tour, Bieber allegedly mimi Jensen to bgc Beverly Hills Four Seasons hotel, where he had a luxury penthouse suite decked out with 'white roses' for their arrival.

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I'd only taken two sips before we started messing around,' Nude said. The other girls: Former nursing student Milyn Jensen claims she hooked up with Justin in December.


One night with Milyn ended Justin's relationship with Selena, pictured her a few months before the infidelity at a LA Lakers game. Team Selena: