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Michelle monaghan thin

Michelle Monaghan attends the Mission Impossible: Fallout premiere

Talk about goals. Being healthy and happy is all about balance-that's the mantra Michelle Monaghan lives by.

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So while she loves to exercise, she doesn't sweat it if her hectic schedule means she can't swing a workout. She eats healthfully but also indulges her cravings for Quarter Pounders and keeps six kinds of cheese in her thin. She doesn't own a scale and is more excited about what exercise does for her mentally than how it makes her look.

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That philosophy came in handy last year when she was crazed filming two movies and a TV show. Her Hulu Michelle series The Pathabout a family involved in monaghan controversial New Age spiritualist movement, just returned for a second season. Michelle spent months trying to fit quick exercise sessions into her shooting schedule whenever she could-and not freaking out when she couldn't.

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Fortunately, the mom of two her daughter, Willow, is 8, and her son, Tommy, is 3 thrives on challenges. She took up surfing last year, and she's seriously considering running the New York City Women surprised naked this year.

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If not, I'll go for a run. Typically, I'll do 30 minutes, which is a three-mile run for me. I started doing Pilates, too, and it's really challenging.