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Chances are unless your face is your moneymaker or you have an impeccably groomed online personality I'm looking at you YouTube Tween tutorials you won't have had much direct experience of retouching. Instead, most people know it largely by its blunders: Despite its ubiquity, airbrushing and digitally slimming models down has a pretty bad reputation and for good reason.

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It's hard to imagine many china girl nute disagreeing that the excessive retouching nudes models and celebrities is a particularly negative aspect of the media. South Park made an entire episode about it, so it's hardly a niche perspective.

The idea that women ought to nudes airbrushed into often anatomically impossible shapes mexican clearly troubling; in her book One Dimensional Woman, feminist critic Nina Power describes Photoshop as having turned "fashion photography into something you'd want to lick, rather than emulate", and while there are a few photographers and stylists who have made a kind of sickly tween their trademark, she's absolutely right that women's bodies in magazines and advertising are often so far from recognisable they look more like freshly glazed doughnuts.

Retouching doesn't have a great reputation and it probably shouldn't; it's pretty hard to mexican in favour of a practice that seems, at its very core, to be concerned with homogenising beauty.

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That said, there should be more thought to this argument than just a grunt of disapproval and a Change. From a creative perspective there's really nothing wrong with editing photographs, and while pretty much every photograph you see in fashion magazines will have been Photoshopped, it's often simply to bring out colours or textures, which would otherwise have been lost.