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Sign in. TV-PG 60 min Drama. Stories about people who get into problems who use the help of Virgin Mary and where a rose appears and their problems are solved.

Anthology series, spanning through three seasons, that deals with a woman or women who have to kill for a specific reason. TV 60 min Drama.

Mercedes Molto

Dramatization of real-life situations and stories that are related to popular sayings, by Don Tomas. Drama, Rochelle swanson sexy, Thriller.

She's a dedicated high school teacher. But that doesn't stop her from crossing the line into the forbidden love zone. Oscar A.

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TV 60 min Drama, Thriller. The show presents mature themes involving love stories and disturbing topics of real-life cases including rape, incest, child abuse, prostitution, discrimination and domestic violence. TV Drama. Adela morales has been an active gang member her whole life.