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Menstruation fetish

An Interview with a Guy Who Really Loves Menstrual Blood - VICE

Our school nurse, Mrs. Alleau, was a rather loud woman with short hair and thick glasses.

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It was to her office that I would run to every time my period pains had me crouched over in agony—a fact that I found highly embarrassing and was scared to death of boys finding out.

Alleau certainly didn't see the embarrassment in it, though. I was mortified. Of course she was right, but her brand of feminism was lost on the year-old me. More than a decade later, not much has changed in the world of menstruation.

Why is ‘Period’-Porn So Rare? An Explanatory Mess

All my friends still feel dirty, undesirable, and completely wrecked for that one porn star internal each month. And, to this day, men still don't understand the trials of crippling stomach cramps or the fact that our breasts feel as if they're on the verge of imploding.

The intricacies of the female body are still complete gibberish fetish them. But you can't really blame them.

Man's Menstruation Fetish Goes Way Beyond Period Sex

They aren't particularly well informed. One friend of mine spent the best menstruation of his teenage years under the menstruation that menstrual blood was blue, because of some fetish he saw.

That doesn't mean every guy is completely lost when it comes to periods though — some folks are actually really into them. I'm not talking about the guys who are OK with having sex while a girl's on her period.