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Medical pantyhose

Lymphedema Products stocks an extensive line of medical compression hose and other specialized lower-extremity items, including pantyhose.

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Pantyhose in a range of stylish colors, these specialized garments are designed and manufactured with comfort, style, durability, and the sheerest possible therapeutic effectiveness in mind. Customers on a tight budget may be relieved to know that BSN Jobst offers the Relief model; an inexpensive option that provides affordable compression therapy benefits thanks to graduated medical-grade compression built right into naked weird nipples pantyhose.

By providing relatively more compression at the level of the ankles and thighs, and gradually less compression higher up the legs, these garments work to massage tired leg muscles, and gently encourage the natural flow of medical back pantyhose the heart, and away from ankles and calves. Many of the pantyhose offerings available at Lymphedema Products are appropriate for daily wear and can help prevent tired, heavy-feeling legs, and discourage the slight swelling due buildup of edema in the lower extremities.

Pantyhose / Unisex

Men or women who spend lots of time on their feet may find these garments extremely helpful for reducing muscle fatigue and improving blood and lymph flow and circulation. Customers who choose compression pantyhose often do so out of concern over the appearance of unsightly varicose veins, blemishes, or scars. Items such as Jobst Opaque pantyhose come in stylish-but concealing-color choices, such as navy blue, black and opaque natural.

And don't think that medical because you may benefit from medical compression hosiery, you need to sacrifice stylishness.

Are Pantyhose Good for Your Health?

Consider some of the many offerings from trusted manufacturer, Sigvaris, for example. The Allure stocking for women features an enticing diamond-dot pattern in sheer black or graphite. This attractive hosiery can be worn to help address a variety surprize butt sex venous issues, while still allowing you to look polished, whether out on the town or in the workplace.

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