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I Rode the Mechanical Bull of Sex Toys and It’s Not for the Faint of Heart (or Vagina)

When Janet Mechanical, an MIT-trained mechanical engineer, had trouble operating a sex toy that claimed to be the best on the market, she had an epiphany. We were both engineers, and design and make products for a living. Lieberman eventually met Alexandra Fine, another entrepreneur toys was interested in sex tech, and the two banded together to launch Dame Productsan lilanna young nude toy company that aims to empower female sexuality.


Dame Products is showing how sex female leadership in both of those areas can yield more innovative products. While the sex tech industry has begun to embrace design-centric productsfew of these companies are women-owned and toys, and fewer still mechanical run by female engineers.

Eva was a complicated product—and american sexy boys first of its kind.

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Lieberman—who sex one of the first five employees at the product company Quirky and was a lead engineer at Makerbot—initially concepted Eva by hand, using art supplies and broken vibrators, before moving on to 3D-printed prototypes. Like just about every design process, it required extensive user testing.

Dame Products is gender-agnostic when it comes to hiring; it picks the best designers and engineers for the job and has men on staff—which is important, after all, since its products are also meant for couples.

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Our engineering team is mostly, but not entirely, women. Dame Products traveled to its factories to make sure that the production process yielded just the right spring force on the wings—an impossible aspect to perfect without an in-house engineer working on the assembly line. The vibration feels different on each end of the product.