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Does the Bible talk about masturbation? Is it a sin? Where can we find Scriptures to know if masturbation is right or wrong? While Christians debate the topic of masturbation, there is no passage in Scripture that directly mentions the act.

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One of the major sexual issues discussed throughout Scripture is lust. Jesus condemned lust in masturbate heart as adultery in the book of Matthew. Matthew 5: While advertisers, television fuckedteenporn pics, movies, and magazines promote lust, the New Testament describes it as a sin. Many Christians see masturbation as a form of lust.

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Sex is not bad. God created sex to be something beautiful, right, and pure. It is meant to be pleasurable. Christians generally believe that sex is to be enjoyed in marriage between a man and a woman. Many believe that finger between a married couple is the only acceptable sexual act, and masturbation takes away from its holiness.