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Maraijuana babes

I was driving down the last weekend when I saw a billboard: I tried to imagine the contenders: My interest was piqued, so I ordered tickets to the Expo as soon as I got home. I live in Southern California, the spiritual stoneland of the American weed enthusiast. Medical marijuana has been legal here sinceand socially acceptable since long before that.

The Grass Ceiling: Women's Changing Role in Weed Culture

In regard to the Kush Expo, it makes a certain amount of sense that, even here in California, a public gathering of self-identified stoners would be catering explicitly to maraijuana men. Twice as many men as women say they use marijuana more than once a week.

So, even though I know plenty of women who are enthusiastic smokers, I end up heading to the Kush Expo with three men. As we drive the 45 minutes down babes Anaheim, we discuss the more bro-y aspects of weed culture.

Marijuana | Center for Young Women's Health

Females just sell a lot more weed. Guys like to buy their weed from sexy redbone girl. And girls like to buy their maraijuana from females.

There are a few depictions of women smoking at home as a way to blow off some steam and bond babes each other.