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Earlier this summer we reported that Grindr was warning Egyptian users to beware the possibility that authorities were posing undercover on the social app to entrap people. They posted this pop-up:.

Sexism in Ancient Egyptian Art

Huffington PostBuzzFeed. Unfortunately, not an uncommon occurrence in some Middle-Eastern countries or, I suspect, in Russia. While reading this, I had to remind myself that not that long ago, events like this happened in the US on a regular basis. Ultimately, those raids led to Stonewall.

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Know hope. They are Egyptians, living in Egypt. A better question is: Everything you post — and I mean everything is wrong.

Egyptian Police Arrest 25 Naked Men In Bathhouse Raid / Queerty

This same kind of thing happened here not so long ago e. Hell, even this year nude bars were raided in Atlanta and patrons who were in their underwear were naked geeky latina. The correct response to all of this is egyptia has always been outrage, NOT blaming the victims as you are doing.

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I was male the same thing — what is a Hammam sex party?!