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By Ross Ibbetson For Mailonline. A pair of hapless university friends went stark naked as they battled machete wounds, hypothermia and thunderstorms to survive three weeks in the jungle.

Two university friends braved the Malaysian jungle stark NAKED for three weeks

Daniel Olifi, 26, and James Moynihan, 27, wanted to see if they could brave the elements alone in rural Man - just for the challenge. They nearly ran out of water within hours and Mr Olifi had to milf vagina sore to hospital after he sliced his own hand with a machete.

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They took just a flint rock, machete, mosquito net, metal water pot and first aid kit into the wilderness. Daniel Olifi, 26 leftnaked his friend James Moynihan, 27, journeyed to the treacherous Malaysian rainforest to pit their wits and their bodies against the elements. Mr Olifi's hand was stitched malaysians in hospital after he inadvertently cut it open while falling into a ravine with the sharp machete.

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Mr Olifi and Mr Moynihan hold grubs on sticks in the Malaysian jungle - the pair lost 46lbs between them as they foraged their food from plants and insects native to the forest. Financial tech worker Mr Olifi and cruise ship entertainer Mr Moynihan lost 46lbs between them after failing to find much to eat except bugs and berries. The pair endured dozens of mosquito bites, hypothermia and dehydration but managed to complete their three week 'holiday' near the equator. The hardy duo decided not to wear clothes to 'show that it can be done' and recorded their adventure in video diaries.

Mr Olifi, from London, said: Going to sleep at night, for all you know a snake might get in your shelter and you might not wake up the next morning.

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