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Malayalee muslim women

A Muslim woman in the southern Indian state of Kerala has received death threats after leading prayers for a mixed congregation in an act of defiance against established Islamic practice.

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Jamida Beevi is thought to be the first woman to lead Friday prayers in India for both male and female worshippers, doing so at Wandoor Cherukod women in Malappuram last week. She also delivered a sermon on gender justice.

For 1, years, men have decided things, only men have made decisions. Her act has provoked a backlash, with local media reporting that members of Muslim organisations have threatened to kill her. Muslim women in India have recently been leading the charge in malayalee ancient practices they believe are discriminatory. The BMMA has also been training Muslim women to become a kazi or Islamic judge, who adjudicates in miami pussy gallery, polygamy, divorce and custody disputes.

Islam in Kerala

The job has always been held by men and is usually passed from father to son. Last July, in Jaipur, the first group of women to finish a two-year muslim course began to work as qualified kazis. Beevi said she planned to continue leading prayers: Traditionally a male imam leads prayers, except when the congregation is all female.

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