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Today is ileananude hot happiness day, a day devoted to opening up the conversation about sex.

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Specifically, good sex. Having great sex is a right, not a privilege, and sharing sex is the way to make lotion that as many people as possible get to have great sex.

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One of the quickest, cheapest and easiest ways to improve your sex life is by incorporating lube into sex. It might not sound like a bit deal, but it can heighten sensation more than you would ever imagine. Those people are missing out.

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That said, the caveat to lube being a huge helper is the type of lubricant you use. This means that it does not get reabsorbed into the body, and it stays on the vulval tissue and on the walls of the vagina.

Sex Lubes & Lotions

Lotion is also unsafe to use with latex condoms due to the mineral oils it contains. These oils will react with the latex and make the condom burst. However, it contains both parabens and glycerine, which can cause thrush. It also has a higher osmolality than the cells in the body, drawing moisture out of the walls of the vagina rather than hydrating them, exacerbating vaginal dryness, not helping it.