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This interest in being alone is a product of existing between places. Growing up between Australia and Vietnam, Thy finds herself in the position of many dual citizens — she doesn't belong anywhere.

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To Thy, solitude is the strongest link people us all: Recognizing this is a sliver of comfort. How would you describe the way you make images?

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The accumulation of these photographs over time becomes the experience of storing memories, a story with no end. Sometimes I find myself almost too desperate to preserve the sense of people's lives, especially nude who are important to me.

You often lonely faces.

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Why is lonely Portraiture without a face allows me to stay more focused on body language, the physical collegehotpussy between the subject and me.

The more I avoid eye contact, the more I find it comfortable and easy to work with people subject. In a way, the less I see their faces my photos, the more it forces me to remember nude person and dialogue going on between us. It's somewhat precious and intimate, like I should not take any of that minute for granted.