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Sexting among teens continues to be a problem according to the FBI, and authorities are looking at revising laws as more and more teens get caught up in sharing explicit photos of themselves.


Teens who sex sexually explicit images of themselves face embarrassment, harassment, blackmail, and even criminal charges. Sextingemailscheerleader sister fuckyoung childrenvideo gamesmediaschoolspeer pressuresnapchatFacebooktext messagingstolenpics.

As cell phones and cameras become ubiquitous pics kids learn how to hide their sexting littleteens from others, the practice is becoming common.

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Pics to the FBI, a recent study revealed that at least 20 percent of teens admitted to taking sexually explicit photos of themselves and sharing them with others. It is likely the number of teens sending sex photos of themselves is higher than the quoted percentage.

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Nearly one-in-six teens,have received sexually explicit photos of other teens. At least half of all teens have been asked at some point to take and share a photo of themselves with others.

The littleteens of teens who are taking the photos are female, and the majority of recipients are male.

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Juvenile sexting is still a crime.