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What Causes Semen Leakage and How to Treat It

Top definition. Cum bunny sex.

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A more affectionate term for good dick review woman with a cum fetishas opposed to more seemingly derogatory terms such as " cum slut cum etc. Cum Bunny unknown. Refers to a balled up cum filled tissue on the floor or in the cum and is generally stuck in a fashion that gives it two ears and a small body.

12 facts about sperm everyone should know

Originates from masturbating into a tissue and carelessly throwing it away. A woman that you use for sexual purposes. Sexual use must include capacity to leave ejaculated semen inside of her little. BabyI'm gonna make you my little cum bunny.

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Ohohuunnnggh!!! A pretty girl who through some mixture of cluelessnessbeing little ootay ightbraynaivete, or low self-esteem, really believes that it's a terrible thing for a guy to get aroused and not cum, and therefore can easily be pressured into doing something about it.

Most guys won't clue them in for obvious reasonsand they tend to have few girlfriends to tell them because other girls won't hang out with someone that slutty.

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