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Linda mertens

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Linda Mertens is still one of the godmothers of cat shelter Veiling in Limburg Belgium. Along with some other artists, she will donate special items with her autograph on it.

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More infos. She performed a cha-cha-cha on Loreen's Euphoria and jury said that she was the best performance of the show. Sister teen fuck to Gianni.

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She teams with Dutch model and dancer Aerjen Mooijweer who, apart from his regular contributions to the show, also appeared on Ned1's show Strictly Come Dancing. Linda Mertens Milk Inc has been Catshelter's godmother for several years.

Linda Mertens

They started their annual auction with several items mertens to Linda up for sale: Auctions go until November 24th 10pm local time. Linda was born 20th July in Wilrijk, from Linda descent her mother is Flemish, and her father Tunisian. She studied Art and after high school, she did 2 years of hairdressing studies, but she she never really liked it. She started her artistic carreer with a group called Secret Fantasy.