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Redkit is one of the lesser known exploit kits that is currently being used to distribute malware.

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Though not as widely talked about as Blackhole, Redkit has gained some press recently, having been involved in the NBC site hack and the spam campaigns that followed the Boston bombings.

In the first of this two-part series, I will give an overview of the exploit kit: Part Two will take a deeper look into the malicious code being used in order to uncover some of the functionality it provides to the attackers. As with other exploit kit drive-by downloads, victims are typically redirected to the exploit kit when they browse a compromised web site.

This inject has been discussed previously. As you can see cilla masterbating the image below, the iframe injected into pages is fairly easy to recognise:. The conventional drive-by download model involves victims being redirected to a malicious exploit site. However, Redkit does things naked bit differently. The initial redirect typically an iframe lifting be to another lifting, but compromised server.

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This redirect will be to a four-character. For example:. The response from this redirect is a HTTP redirect. The redirect bounces naked victim off to another compromised web server, again to a four-character.