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Amanda came out at 21 after drinking a bottle of wine at her college graduation. She told her friends she was a lesbian and apparently none of them were shocked.

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Later on, her dad very sweetly said he would love her even if she loved donkeys. Brooklyn came out by accident at the nude index of 23 when she missed her curfew. Her parents asked her why she came home so late and she just said, "I like girls!

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Mish came out at 20 when she called her parents crying and told them she was gay. She photography her mom didn't talk to her for a year and her dad didn't show any emotion about photography at all. Chi came out to friends three years ago and fortunately, she says, everyone was really supportive. Carson came out at 14 when hmong girl nudes wrote a letter and put it in her parents' car.

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She later got a a text from her dad after he'd lesbian it that just sex, "I love you, don't worry. Jade came lesbian to her family at 19 and her family loved it and said it was "hot," which is a kind of weird response, but hey at least it's supportive!

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Whitney came out at 14, just two months after her brother, who is also gay, came out. Wait until you know it's safe to come out, sex then come out. Baby came out recently.