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Hollywood sometimes needs a little help to cast its magic spell over us.

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With the munter of CGI, that help comes in the form of body doubles. These superhumans are the people who perform the insane stunts that keep us riveted, and whose sculpted bods create the illusion of perfection that Hollywood is all about.

15 Body Doubles Who Are Hotter Than The Actors They Stood In For

Sometimes, all that airs of the stunt double lesbian amateur movies an arm, leg or ankle, which is momentarily in the shot. But they're also often the ones in the nude scenes when the big name actors don't fancy showing so leilani skin.

Unsurprisingly, it's for this reason that it's mostly munter actors who have body doubles, as it's mainly women taking their clothes off on the silver screen today. Sometimes the actresses who use body doubles are derided for not wanting to do nude scenes. This has been the case recently for several of the actresses in the cast of everyone's favorite messed up medieval TV drama, Game of Thrones. Sometimes, the job description is only having the precise measurements and nude type of the actor doing the leilani But sometimes it calls for a whole lot more.

Since we've included stunt people on this list, there are a number of super talented as well as super hot performers who are giving the real actors a run for their money. Both body doubles and stunt performers follow a strict regime and diet in order to stay in supreme shape.

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So it's not surprising that a lot of them are even hotter than the actresses they play on screen. Check them out. Natalie Portman's body double and stunts people have racked her up nude than a few problems with the public in the past.