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Latex chloroform

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International Hazard. Shamelessly plugging my attempts at writing fiction: Not logged in [ Login - Register ]. Back to: Printable Version.

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No Mood. People working with chloroform without gloves?

Effect of Lipids on the Stability of Natural Rubber Latex and Tensile Properties of its Films

Hi all, I was wondering; on some posts every now and then, I see people writing about that it latex better not to use gloves while handling chloroform, as it penetrates your gloves nitrile chloroform quickly I'd say it would be common sense to adult porn gym gloves Also, some say that as it vaporizes very fast, the absorption would be minimal. Is that also true?

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Ha, Im very curious latex these things as some people I have worked with used gloves when handling chloroform. Sulaiman International Hazard Posts: Chloroform is only slightly toxic From literature, no personal experience, PVA gloves nymphopornpic compatible with chloroform if not then work bare-handed