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Large inser

I'm interested in using a sequence capture method and I was asked about the length of the inserts.

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I'm wondering what that means. Is it the length of the fragments after shearing?

Comparison of large-insert, small-insert and pyrosequencing libraries for metagenomic analysis

Is it what is going to be read by the sequencer? From my understanding, it's just the size of the fragments that you are going to sequence.

Is that correct?

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It depends. Often as in Illumina "short insert" or "fragment library" means a normal library where the DNA is sheared and the fragments are sequenced from both ends, while "long insert" or "LMP" or "mate-pair" will use different preparation in which the DNA is circularized or spliced in some way so that the molecule being sequenced is not an original genomic fragment.

The orientation often differs from a fragment library and it will often need some preprocessing prior to use, removing linkers or inser forth that are gluing together the large fragments.

How to clone very large insert into large vector?

Inser PacBio, the difference between large and long insert is just the target length of the size-selected sheared fragments. So generally, it's just the sequence that is going to be read by a sequencer Yes, in any case you end up with a DNA fragment that will be read by the sequencer in the same manner - the only difference is adult phone messages library prep.

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