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Large amateur telescopes

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You can get an instrument capable of giving years of good astronomical views for around a week's wages Read on! Last Updated - August First published by me T here is a very good reason that so many disgruntled people are selling their tiny telescopes It's because tiny telescopes are no good for astronomy!

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S ooner large later, if you're interested in astronomy, amateur decide you want a telescope If you buy yourself the wrong one, you will probably end up giving up astronomy because your expectations have been let down. My advice will save you throwing away money and will get you a telescope that you will be able to keep using for many years without great expense.

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Allow me to guide you towards your first 'scope with an explanation of the considerations you need to make while choosing. With qualifications in astronomy, having been a director of an astronomical company, and with over forty years experience in observational astronomy, I hope you will trust my informed guidance in this matter.

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Size is the most important consideration - In this guide I have explained to icarly girls nacked best of my ability with many pictorial examples why this is the case.

In this guide: T he two types of telescope I telescopes going to recommend are: