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Laos teens

Lisa lippsnaked, despite reading lots of threads on here and buying the lonely planet book, we are still unsure where to start and what we can do.

I have seen many itineries but not many suit what we are looking for. This being Keeping the kids busy at all times.

Southeast Asia for Older Teens: Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia

Teens Kids can ruin a holiday as I'm sure you all know. I'm not asking people to do the job for me, but I would be VERY grateful for any suggested itineries bearing in mind the kids. We've read about cookery schools, Water parks etc. Ideally, we will fly from Manchester, but definitely not set in stone.

Holiday duration would be 14 days. Again, not set laos stone.

Family holiday with 3 boys in Laos in Dec/Jan - Laos Forum

We would love people to tell us what they got up to. Teens went well. What didn't go down well.


It would laos great to read your experiences of your trip here. Then I could go off and try to arrange our itinery.