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No problem for tourists, the law applies to locals. Also for ladies it helps to wear lanka, and to tell when approached by men 'that there is a BF or husband at home but now being out on trip with a GF'. And trust me, It was ok in Hotels and major tourist areas, but the moment they show any affection sex especially demi eachother in any other public area, that was it, groups of people following us all over the place!!!

Turning to sex work in Sri Lanka's north

But as long as you dont show any affection in public such an ugly thing to say, i do apologyze you should be ok. And also be careful on picking your hotel, make sure its a major tourist hotel and not some lame local hotel where they knock on your door every other hour with the excuse of asking you if you need anything but they are just being nosey.

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I hope i didnt scare you off, but that is the reality in Sri Lanka. Showing affection, e.

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And sex applies to both same sex couples and mixed sex couples. This looked quite odd to us at first. But of course, if any westerners behaved in the same way, it would be very obvious home they were more than lourds dodds nude friends and this is not acceptable behaviour in Sri Lanka.

Quite agree, nothing unusual to see a couple of Sri Lankan girls wondering down the street holding hands these days, in fact i don't even take a second look these days

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