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Lady gaga desnuda

A unisex fragrance, it naked sick chicks released in Guggenheim Museum and in Macy's stores in the United States and a range of different stores in the United Kingdom on August 22,and worldwide in September through the singer's Haus Laboratories label in association with Coty, Inc.

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According to promotional materials, the perfume uses "push-pull technology", rather lady the pyramidal structure traditional of perfumes, to combine notes of atropa belladonnatiger orchidincenseapricotsaffron lady honey. As ofthe perfume has sold more than 30 million bottles and has earned more than 1.

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Reports circulated in early that Gaga wanted the perfume to smell of blood desnuda semen. She further explained that the blood element was based on a sample her own blood molecules to create "a sense of having me on your skin". The perfume references the allure of fame and fortune with its sweet scent and gold crown, a theme Gaga has often explored in her career; the inclusion of the poisonous belladonnagaga with the black liquid, represent the dark or destructive effect fame can have on an individual.

Gaga states on the back of the packaging that the perfume is "black, like the soul of fame".

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Uniquely, Fame is a black perfume that sprays clear and becomes invisible once airborne; according to the Coty press release, it is the first perfume gaga utilize such technology.

Two versions of the topless lebanese were released: The advertising campaign was directed and photographed by Steven Klein.

It follows the desnuda story line and features Gaga scratching off black ooze, representing her black eau de parfum, from the male model's face. At the end of the ad, Lady Gaga's "Gulliver pose" is transformed into a golden statue similar to the cap from Le Masterpiece.

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It features Gaga parading between two sets of male models. On one side there are partially nude men dressed in latex; on the other side are giant size male figures frontally clothed in a half-gown and nude at the side and seemingly at the back. Their faces are disguised by a plastic shield.