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Kuwaiti teen

Teenagers in Kuwait and elsewhere spend a lot of their time using various types of social media applications SMA.

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This study surveyed Kuwaiti teenagers, males and females at different educational levels, the usage intensity, purpose teen use of these applications and quantitatively assessed the effect it has on many dimensions of their life.

Many interesting results fatwomanfucking photos highlighted and can be extrapolated to teens in the Arab World and beyond. The most outstanding results are that Kuwait teenagers spend a lot kuwaiti time kuwaiti social media applications, use WhatsApp and Kuwaiti in particular for communicating with others and for entertainment, it has negatively affected their sleeping hours, consider it a very useful learning resource, by in large trust the information received on social media, do not seem to be over concerned about how it affects their privacy, use it quite often to buy products and services, and they are satisfied with such purchases.

To achieve these goals, a teen questionnaire has been prepared especially for this purpose has been met from a random sample of Kuwait teens from different schools in Kuwait. Appropriate statistical analysis tools were used in this study.

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Today, with the wider penetration of smart phones and greater mobile internet connectivity, it is natural to expect that more teens use the internet and social media applications SMA like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, and Nudepornsluts than ever before. International Journal of Engineering and Technology 5.

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Psychology and Behavioral Sciences. Central Statistical Bureau Kuwait, - itu. This study examines these aspects through a field survey that covers male and female teens in three educational levels. The importance of this research is that it aims to study and analyze the teen of social media applications on Kuwait teens KTs by examining many aspects: