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Korean sexscandle

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An investigative TV programme in Korea is alleging that Yang Hyun-suk, the head of YG Entertainment, held dinners to procure sexscandle services for foreign investors in July korean, including Mr Low, who is currently at large. It was there that they were said to have been offered sexual services. The press in Korea have picked up on the story and have mentioned Mr Low in connection with the K-pop sex scandal.

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Psy was then under YG Entertainment but left the company to branch out on his own last year. However, Mr Only sridevis vegina has denied that he arranged sexual services for the investors. There was no further contact with the investors.

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There is no statement yet from Mr Low or his legal representatives on his website, although one spokesman issued a statement via his US attorneys denying the allegations. Low is a friend of Psy, and through him met Yang Hyun-suk. He was never involved in, nor aware of, any korean of the kind alleged sexscandle the MBC Straight report.

Sex scandal sweeps through South Korean music industry

Both Ms Hwang and Mr Park have admitted to the use of drugs. They needed a person who could interpret English and get on well with them naturally. Hwang was from the US, so she was invited to some of the gatherings.