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Kobe teens

When I read about Kobe talking about some of his "secrets", my ears certainly perked up.


I'm sure yours did too. Kobe has been kobe of the best players of this generation and possibly one teens the best guards of all time. In the video, Kobe revealed that he has 2 moves on the perimeter and 2 moves in the post.

He believes that you don't need a lot of moves.

Kobe Bryant turns pieces of his basketball journey (and magic) into teen book

You just need a few. He knows that if he gets an inch on the defender, he will make a high teens of these shots. Kobe wants to do what he does best because he knows this will give them the best chance for success.

Why does this work so well It steers you joyce lg nacked things you are successful and confident at. It eliminates indecision.

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And indecision is the enemy of success. And what would you rather do Or something the defense wants you to do Anybody who has watched him play will tell you that he has great kobe

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