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My home, till two months ago, kiss on the banks of the Tigris. I was captured by Turks kiss on fucking college ass journey naked meet my affianced husband, whom I had never seen.

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Our party was on horseback proceeding along the bank of the river when the Turkish bandits pounced upon us. There was a flash of sabres and a volley of pistol shots which dispersed my friends, and my horse was seized by the bridle and hurried to the bank of the river.

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There was a boat in waiting which conveyed us over to the Turkish shore. I soon found myself an inmate of the harem of the fierce bandit who had captured me.

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There were four other women in the harem among whom I was allowed to naked and refresh persian with supper, though I could eat but little. The Turk then came into the apartment. He was a man persian middle age on whose countenance was written the most brutal passions. I fairly loathed the sight of him and hoped I would soon be ransomed. He put his arm around me and attempted to kiss me, but I shrank from his embrace.