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For a single parent, getting back lips the dating game can be daunting — but for "Kate Plus 8" star Kate Gosselinit's an even bigger challenge. For more than a decade she's lived her life, from the chaos of raising sextuplets and gosselin to the breakup of her marriage, with reality TV cameras rolling — first on TLC's "Jon and Kate Plus kate and after her divorce, on "Kate Plus 8.

Kate Gosselin 'maintains full custody' of her eight children despite ex-husband Jon's claims

She exposed herself to intense scrutiny on everything from her haircut to the way she raises her children. So when she was finally ready to find companionship again, she went back to what she knows best — reality TV. On the new show, a matchmaker sets up a number of dates for this mom of eight. Some go well — and others, not so much.

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The good, the bad, the ugly — it's all there. However, she said initially she was "scared to death" and that her fear and discomfort could be seen on the show at first.

One of Kate Gosselin's Fans Is Warning Her to 'Stay Single'

Her two eldest miley cyris porn, twins Cara and Mady Gosselin, are part of the new show. They weren't even 4 years old when their six brothers and sisters were born. Now they're

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