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You might remember French duo Yelle from their hit " Je Veux Te Voir," an in-your-face slice electro-pop, complete with a rainbow-colored, pop art video that's attracted nearly 7 million views and that's from a video that was only uploaded up in Moreover their music is a sequinned explosion of sonic sass, each video more sleekly stylish, artful, and eye-grabbing than the last—they're high fashion editorials come to life.

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As such, designers like Brian Lichentberg, Jean Chartles de Castelbajac and longterm collaborator Jean Paul Lespagnard, who's been a good friend of theirs sincehave flocked to dress the singer. Julie's not afraid to be playful and as Yelle she embraces a larger than life aesthetic.

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Take a look at any one of their videos and it's easy to see why Katy Perry cherry-picked them as openers on her California Dreams tour—her stage julie and costumes are more than a little influenced by Yelle. Through him they've ended up in writing sessions xxx russian nurse pop behemoths like Carly Rae Jepsen.

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Although the DIY element to their early work that's been sloughed off, this is no bad thing: Those Italians, so dramatic. Fittingly, there's humor nude here budet.

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Will you find them arguing about a troublesome middle 8 while they're between the sheets? Given the length of time the pair have been together, it's pretty safe to say they've never ever tried online dating.

Even though their friends are all over it, with varying results, Julie remains optimistic: For fun!

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