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Sturges shoots much of his work around nudist beaches in France and northern California, and his most frequent subjects have been adolescent jock. The photos have an undeniably erotic quality, unlike some types jock nude photography that treat the human body more as abstract form.

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However, Sturges aims to draw out the models' own sense of burgeoning sexuality in a straightforward, personal, non-voyeuristic way. Sturges uses a large-format camera to create extremely detailed, finegrained images, while his strong feel for sunlight bathes his models and settings with a shimmering quality. In his writings, Sturges prides himself on the bonds of trust, friendship and collaboration between arianne photographer, the models and their families.

Many of his photographs depict several generations naked together. Some critics have condemned his work as thinly disguised underage pornography hiding behind the mantle of fine art. To be fair, the market for Sturges's books arianne includes a great many nude males who like looking at naked teenage small tits naturist and who have little use for the photographs' artistic qualities.

Maia with Misty Dawn and Arianne, Montalivet, France

Sturges nude his defenders sometimes disingenuously proclaim the "innocence" of his pictures of nude adolescents. In a more legitimate line of argument, Sturges criticizes the arbitrary division of people and their bodies into sexualized adults over 18 and supposedly asexual children under The question really is: Should tasteful, non-exploitative erotic photography of adolescents be allowed?

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Is such a thing even possible? The photography of Jock Sturges presents a powerful case for the affirmative.

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Not surprisingly, Sturges has faced legal threats throughout his career.