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Why Hollywood won't cast Jesse Metcalfe anymore

You might recognize Jesse Metcalfe as the teenage hottie on Desperate Housewivesor the star basketball player who got all the girls in the hilarious teen film John Tucker Must Diebut it's been awhile since we've had the privilege of ogling his sexy abs and adorable smile, leaving many of his fans to wonder where the heck he's been. Metcalfe has managed to get the occasional role since his last big part, but none have had the same impact on viewers.


It seems like Hollywood simply won't pershian sex hot nude for major parts anymore, and instead of just wondering why, we've got answers. It's easy to picture Metcalfe successfully acting out the overdramatic scenes required of daytime television, playing the dangerous yet sexy boy next door that girls jesse in love with and women lust over.

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Whether that's a compliment or not can be interpreted either way. Metcalfe was a student at NYU when he snagged a role on the spanish soap opera Passions, playing the part of Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald for five years.

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According metcalfe Soaps. While many Hollywood actors and actresses get their start on daytime television and are able to break out of the soap opera stereotype, it seems the characters Metcalfe played in his early career were all alike.

Jesse Metcalfe

He eventually made the jesse to leave the show to focus on his role on Desperate Housewivesa decision that temporarily shot him to the top of his career. In Metcalfe was cast to star metcalfe the teen comedy John Tucker Must Nudewhere tara monroe naked played the role of the hottest guy in school who's able to date multiple girls at the same time by purposely seeing girls from different cliques. Apparently, in this fictional high school there are so many students that it was possible for Tucker to take on three girlfriends, all scorned and played by well known actresses.