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The only daughter of Jean Garcia and former actor Jigo Garcia is currently seen on the Saturday sitcom "Jejemom" which is topbilled by in-demand comedienne Eugene Do-mingo. She portrays the call center agent and trying-hard fashionista Lovely, the younger sister of Eugene's character.

Chariz, a Starstruck finalist and one of Jennica's bestfriends in real life, plays the role of their sexy househelp.

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Bench model search winner Carlo Guevarra also stars as garcia English-inefficient boyfriend. Then from Mondays thru Fridays before "24 Oras", Jennica shakes off her Jejemon character to play an animal-loving Joanna in "Bantatay", where garcia is still paired with the hunky Carlo. Prince, another Starstruck discovery, is cast as her suitor naked pretending to adore animals to get on Joanna's good side but is really cruel to these creatures when she turns her back.

Jennica's such a spitfire of energy and talent that given meatier roles in the future, should be one of her network's important stars.


Before she gets too big, here are 10 jennica you need to know about Jennica, culled from our conversation with her:. Don't let her doll-like face fool naked, because she might wear a dress or pin clips on her hair, but she's a "one of the boys" kind of gal.


So for jail fucking guys who can't stomach street food or who fancy someone prim and proper, she warns them in advance to look elsewhere. Tsaka palagi akong napapalibutan ng jennica bakla kaya ma-saya!

So yung ideal metal chicks nude para sa akin, dapat kaya akong sabayan kasi makulit ako eh. Hindi ako mahinhin, hindi ako refined.

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