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Justin Bieber's naked penis causes chaos as fans go into complete meltdown over grooming habits

So, Justin Bieber dick penis hit the Internet yesterday And yet the sun set and we all lived to talk about it today. But Twitter was temporarily swept interracialsluts amateur in a cataclysmic cloud of just not knowing what to do with the year-old heartthrob's genitals making naked rounds place once photos of him dick in the nude in Bora Bora were obtained by the New York Daily News.

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The NYDN of course did not post the pics without censoring Bieber's bits, but yet there naked was, his uncensored junk right at the top of our Twitter feeds thanks to someone who presumably felt that he or she was doing God's work.

Adam and Eve, you know? Though even Adam is usually pictured with fig leaf Anyway, many of the reactions were of the type you might expect, falling into several camps: There were those whose lives peaked on the spot. Then there were the snide, why-is-my-feed-full-of-Bieber's-dick responses.

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Similarly, there were others who just found the whole thing hilarious. Shirtless Justin Bieber.