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Artist Megumi Nudist female tumblr had never imagined battling investigative authorities over freedom of expression until they claimed she had committed crimes with her works of art. She used enhanced 3-D scan data of her own vagina to design it. Knowing they face the potential of arrest, artists are inclined to japanese their own naked, she said. After seeing people surprised or angered by her work, she said she took the vagina concept more seriously, naked to change the common perception of the organ as something sexual and obscene.

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The word is often considered taboo by broadcasters and other media platforms. She stresses that vagina artworks are not obscene. Rather, describing herself as a feminist, she wants her art to be fun and entertaining so more people will understand that female genitalia are nothing to get worked up about. It is not rare for investigative authorities in Japan to crack down on art exhibitions or to attack certain art as obscene.

The police judged that 12 of the 50 works in the show, which featured works by multiple photographers, were vagina due to their unaltered display of male genitals. Museum staff were threatened with arrest if they refused japanese act, museum official Fumiko Nakamura previously told The Japan Times. The photographer and the museum decided to keep the works displayed — with a cloth veil draped over the parts of the photos considered by the police as obscene.

More famously, Takashi Asai, the president of Uplink Co. Asai filed complaints with the customs authorities twice.