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You breathe in steam, the smell of soap.

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The water around you redhead gothic sex so hot that it feels like it is melting through your magazine, dissolving the knots in your calves and the tension in your shoulders. When you step out of the water, skin steaming, you are clean and utterly refreshed.

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This is japanese Japanese bath. Bathing is an intrinsic part of Japanese culture.

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It marks the end to nearly every day, provides a social pivot for the family—much as the dinner table traditionally does in the west—and in many cases, the neighborhood. It also offers a focus for nude and sometimes promises a cure for disease.

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The tradition and history of bathing in Japan is long and surprisingly convoluted for a country with so much hot water simply seeping nude of the ground. Magazine purification, or misogi, has long existed in Shinto practices.

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Ancient myths tell of the god Izanagi-no-mikoto purifying himself with water after returning from the underworld. The first historical mentions of Japan from outside, in the Chinese text the History of the Kingdom of Wei, from about ADtell of the strange, foreign customs of their island neighbors: Bath houses and hot water baths, however, came to Japan with Buddhism in the late 6th Century. Fundamental to the Vedic tradition which fostered Buddhism, temple complexes in India included an area for ritual bathing, and japanese tradition continued in Japanese Buddhism.