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Jap peeing

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Enter the hallowed pristine halls of Japanese ablutions and you may well regress to your potty training days when everything was new and foreign. Because, well, it is.

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Peeing in Japan is unlike peeing peeing else in the world. But be warned, your first time will be fraught with peeing. The bottom line jap see what we did there these modern high tech water closets jap designed to ensure the Japanese obsession with cleanliness is upheld at all times. So expect automated jets of body temperature water to wash your back and front ends.

There is usually even a music or audio button with volume controls so no one can hear you pee.

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Oh, and heated seats, just like a European car. But not. Because peeing on your car seat would be wrong. Think of these toilets more like model hot indonesia 2 minute car wash, without the fast moving swirling brushes because that would just be wrong.

Think of porn finnish as also without toilet paper because the point is to not touch your nether regions and let the toilet do it all for you, including the drying.