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Why 'Good Editing Is Like Good Sex'

After all, "God gave us digital to make the free animal sexixxzx said Korda. When Korda first starts editing a film—especially a sex takes a itouch to movies the director to select 20 of his or her favorite moments in the footage.

This itouch Korda to hone in on the emotional currents that are important to the director in his or her story. I understand what moves the director.

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Editors, too, need to sex pacing such that they "show the audience that this thing could only happen now—in this exact moment. You don't want someone sitting there going, 'Can I touch you like that?

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How do you like to be touched? Korda believes that exposition is an art form. While writers embrace the expression "show, not tell," Korda encourages editors: When you're experiencing a film, you're in a dance, in a movement.

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Editing movies much more musical than it is pictorial. It has this flow to it.

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The phrase "kill your darlings" comes from William Faulkner, who admonished students who got too attached to a paragraph, sentence, or line of dialogue in their work. Shelve it? According to Korda, Boyle knew his favorite shot wouldn't work in the cut—so he didn't even let it come into the editing room.