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JTA — In April, Israeli police announced the arrest of a year-old man in Beit Shemesh accused of multiple counts of child sexual assault.

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Shana Aaronson, head of the Israeli branch of the New York-based Jewish Community Ssexy organization, took to social media, describing in a Facebook post how authorities and the Beit Shemesh community ignored a disturbing pattern of behavior by the predator in question, who had previously served time for abuse. I encouraged them strongly to warn the parents. The police, she explained to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, knew he was dangerous but were restrained from acting because nobody with firsthand knowledge of the abuse had been willing to come forward.

Israel, unlike ssexy United States, does not nude older aunty a registry of sex offenders.

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Israel has see an overall increase israel reporting of incidents dating back to the beginning of the decade. But several recent incidents here have highlighted what advocates like Aaronson describe as a systemic failure of both the government and civil society to adequately deal with the issue of child sexual abuse. Israel report also found that there was increased monitoring by police of offenders after their release.

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And while there were more investigations into ssexy of pedophilia than in previous years, seven out of 10 cases ended up being shut down without an indictment. Tough slander laws here make it hard for israel to accuse their abusers publicly.

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Meanwhile, advocates have said that sentencing guidelines are inadequate. There has also been a strong taboo against reporting abuse among members of ultra-Orthodox communities. This comes after earlier reports that Litzman, who himself is ultra-Orthodox, had been questioned by police over suspicions that he had attempted to prevent the extradition of accused child molester Malka Leifer to Australia.