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PLUS-SIZE model Nude Perry-Iqbal has revealed for panty house porno first time how iqbal suffered horrific abuse at the hands of her ex - iqbal would regularly beat and strangle nude until she thought she was going to die. Ayesha, 28 - who hosted Channel 4 show Naked Beach - said she's decided to share her harrowing story in a bid to raise awareness of domestic violence - and how it can affect anyone.

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In an exclusive interview with Fabulous Digital, Ayesha bravely told how her ex would regularly punch, supernatural men nude and choke her for no reason - and fat-shame her with cruel jibes. The year-old said that everything seemed great until a few months into the relationship when he began to "flip" and "lash out" at the slightest thing. He just went from zero to a thousand in two seconds - he's walking up and down screaming.

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I started laughing because I was like, 'you look crazy'. I'm sitting on his bed and he just grabbed me and threw me across the room and I fell on the floor. Did this just happen? As the abuse worsened, Ayesha began to become isolated from her family and friends - and struggled to hide her injuries.

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She sustained back and neck injuries, which still affect her today, and was in and out of hospital. It was affecting my day to day life that - I couldn't lift iqbal neck up properly and then he was constantly injuring me on nude of that.

Ayesha remembers one of the worst attacks being when she found out her boyfriend was seeing another girl behind her back and she went to confront him about it. She received a phone call from the other woman, who revealed she had been in a relationship with her boyfriend for 10 years. I need to know what's going on.