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Nala was a beautiful woman.

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This was unusual in the area of her village; because of poverty, disease, poor nutrition and the ravages of battles with the neighboring marauders, most people were not that lucky. But Nala had smooth skin, breasts that stood high and pointed out, an oval face that smiled with no blemishes but the few impalement she bore.

Her slim body shape had a healthy and energetic look and her long brown hair was smooth and shiny.

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All the men wanted her, and all the women hated her. Most people were suspicious of her good looks.

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She should have had the gaunt, starved look of despair so common throughout the region. It came as little surprise when she was caught sneaking out of the village one night, and followed to a deserted hut in a canyon nearby. There she was seen to rendevouz with a soldier, a leader of the enemy that had inflicted such damage to the region.

Nude was roughly pulled off, just as his cock began spurting and his white semen spread over her stomach and legs.

In fact, it was still spurting as his head was separated from his body and rolled on the floor, blinking in a bewildered way. The soldier had brought impalement food, some clothing and battlefield girls naked little item of jewelry in payment for her attentions.

She was a traitor, and there was a special way they dealt with traitors in this village. Nala was taken back to the village, naked as nude had found her.