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It's Illegal to Have Obscene Photos of a Year Old

In Ohio, the age of consent is It is generally perfectly legal for an adult, no matter how old, to have consensual unpaid sex with a minor, so long as the minor is 16 years of age or older. After an obscene photo is taken, every time the photo is texted or viewed, a felony occurs.

These felonies often happen like this:.

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First, the person to whom the sext was sent does illegal hold it confidentially, but rather shares it with a group of friends who may initially find it funny. Here is how those people react.

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However, what those people do not realize galleries that it is a felony in Ohio to possess an obscene photo of a minor. And it amateur young upshorts another felony if they send it on to another.

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These people receiving, looking, and laughing at the photo of a minor are committing a serious Ohio felony crime. And if they text the photo to someone else, then they are committing a second serious felony sex offense.

Cyberbullying and the Non-consensual Distribution of Intimate Images

Often the photo is sent to a close friend or relative of the person shown in the photo. This is their reaction. However, no matter how offended this friend or relative may be, if sex continue to possess, view, or transmit the photo, they too can be guilty of an Ohio felony sex crime. See Ohio Revised Code Section This is how the person who took the photo looks when they finally realize who may have seen it.

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