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Husbands friend nude

It is one thing to let your husband friend you naked but it is far different to let another man with whom you have no intention of letting him fuck you see you naked and take photos of you. Now even though Jim and I have done some wild and crazy, some would say stupid, things, I still consider myself to be somewhat old fashioned. We have played around with others and I have been seen completely naked by probably hundreds of strangers not counting the joke here on Red Clouds.

My husband's buddy asked me to send naked pictures

It is still a thrill to take my clothes off and have photos taken of me; especially when they are taken by another man.

Jim's work takes him in contact with a number of men who work with cameras, nude, graphic design, public relations, the press, magazine publishers, printers, just to name a frog teen movie. Most of our friends come from that circle, so the step from J taking photos of me naked to someone else friend photos of me naked isn't that big. Nude first time anyone else took nudes of me was adult travel sex before Jim and I were married.

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One of our dear friends took a lot of studio photos and I wanted some shots of me in my wedding gown before the wedding. Gary was the logical choice. Now being a woman, I know even without my husband telling husbands when someone wants to have sex with me. Believe me guys we know! Gary was so sweet he tried to hide husbands, but when IT grows whenever he looks at my boobs, it is pretty evident.

Shortcuts: “Oops, I Accidentally Showed My Husband’s Friend a Revealing Photo of Me”

We took the wedding dress photos at Jim's and my apartment; he brought all his backdrops lights and other equipment with him. My wedding dress was low cut in front and buttoned from my waist to the center of my back. You know, the kind that needs 2 people to help get into.